Saturday, May 6, 2023

An Early Summer...

Well, the Islanders failed in their bid to beat the Canes.  I guess some small consolation is that the Canes are thus far making the Devils look a lot worse in the next round than they did the Isles, so... perhaps there's still more to this aging roster than the fans have collectively given them credit for.  Will be interesting to see how ownership approaches the offseason.

Spent this Friday evening studying in the "pokerlab" as opposed to playing live in the casino.  Some great training on this site - but wow, is it involved.  Most people don't realize how complex a game poker is when played properly.  Beating blackjack with card counting is is worlds easier...  I'm going to spend a few hours tomorrow getting some work done on the computer, and then it'll be off to one of the relatively local cardrooms to apply what I've picked up tonite.

There's apparently some blog/press coverage and reviews in the works for the forthcoming "Grey Wolf" single.  Should be interesting to hear how these songs are being perceived at an arms length.... not sure I want to read everything!  lol...


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